From web series treatments to full-length screenplays varying from dramas to comedies, I write original and entertaining stories for the screen. In addition to this, I also have experience working with scripts on set. To preview any of the work listed here, please refer to the contact page.

Movie Screenplays

In Another Life

[ Fantasy / Drama / Romance ]

Adapted from the play written by Czarina Zoleta

  • A brain tumor leaves Kaia in a coma in which she finds herself living in an alternate reality where she meets the love of her life but is bound by her duties in reality.

Third Wheel 

[ Black Comedy / Farce ]

  • Living with her best friend and her husband, when Adalyn finds out that Piper is pregnant, she is determined to move out and settle down with someone herself—but the couple are determined to keep her around as the ideal helper and they do everything they can—even sabotage her love life—to make her stay.

TV & Web Series


[ Fish-Out-Of-Water Comedy ]

Web Series Bible for Episodes 1 – 4

  • When sheltered, home-schooled Victoria complies to visit her estranged father in Australia, she unexpectedly becomes stranded in the Philippines where a hospitable but zany Filipino family take her in.

Charming The Prince

[ Farce  ]

TV Series Treatment

  • Desperate to remain an American citizen so she can keep her job as a character performer in an amusement park, foreigner Nina Bautista is determined to obtain citizenship by marrying one of her fellow co-workers. Unfortunately, all of the Prince Charmings happen to be gay.

Mon Oeil

TV/Web Series Written and Directed by Ryan Harper-Brown, Produced by Cinemagine

  • Bilingual in both English and French, I was the Script Supervisor / Continuity Supervisor for the production of this French series.