It’s amazing how often we say we would do things differently ‘in another life’ without really thinking about it and how easy it is to push aside thing after thing with this expression. I’ve realized what a terrible statement it is to live by, and as clichéd as it sounds, we only have one life to live— so why not do the things we want to do now?
However, on the other side of this, I realize that some of us aren’t that lucky. Some of us are held back with responsibilities and burdens. So, in the end, to me, this play is all about balance: balancing sacrifice and duty with indulgence, family love with romance, selfishness with selflessness. And, behind all this, the relationships in my own life–the bond I share with my best friend on the other side of the country, my own parents who sacrificed everything and so many others–it is my connection to these people that have helped inspire and fuel this story.

In Another Life

[ Fantasy / Drama / Romance ]

80 mins – 3 Females & 3 Males


Winner of the University of Lethbridge’s 2014 Play Right Prize

  • Ever since the death of her parents, Kaia had to give up everything to take care of her younger sister, Millie. Although the bond they share is precious, always putting Millie’s welfare before her own needs has become a heavy burden that makes Kaia lose sight of her own happiness and well-being. That is, until Nolan comes along. Not only does he help her reclaim what she has lost, but she unexpectedly gains so much more from him.

A staged public reading of the play was held at the Plays & Prose Awards Ceremony Gala on March 27th, 2014.

Poster Design by Czarina Zoleta

Poster Design by Czarina Zoleta

In Another Life was produced at the University of Lethbridge by TheatreXtra and directed by Erinn Watson with four performances throughout January 22-24, 2014.


Director’s Note

“My first glimpse of In Another Life occurred last year when I was asked to read for a staged reading of a play that had just won the Play Right Prize. I was instantly enchanted by playwright Czarina Zoleta’s use of language and her vivid, complex characters. She had created a story that moved and inspired me. Being granted the privilege of taking that script off the page and onto the stage as a fully-realized production has been an honour. I hope that you, the audience, love the characters and this story as much as we both do. Peanut butter is optional, but encouraged!”


Praise for In Another Life

“There are beautiful relationships between characters in this script and the structure creates strong dramatic tension. We thought it was subtle in its poignancy. All three of us were moved by the story. It also managed to successfully create believable alternative worlds.”

 KATHY ZABORSKY on behalf of fellow jurors JACQUELINE RUSSELL and MEG BRAEM.

Interview with Shaw TV Lethbridge

I had the honour of being interviewed by Shaw TV Lethbridge’s Falon Wagner on January 22nd, 2015


“For Zoleta, the mark of success is emotionally connecting with someone through her work.”

– FALON WAGNER, Shaw TV Lethrbidge

Production Team

Production Team

Playwright, Czarina Zoleta, with actress, Jean Macapinlac as Millie

Playwright, Czarina Zoleta, with actress, Jean Macapinlac as Millie


DISCLAIMER: No peanuts were harmed in this production.