In addition to writing creative stories, I enjoy engaging in writing non-fiction pieces from analytical, academic pieces, public press releases to personal essays and articles. To view any of these written works in their entirety, please refer to the contact page.

Research Papers & Projects

How Words Change From Stage to Screen: Writing for Adaptation

Script Undergraduate Honours Thesis
A semester-long project that investigates the process that goes into transferring a story from one medium to the next–specifically the practice of adapting a stage script into a script for the movie screen.

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The Faults in Fidelity: How a Film Cannot Faithfully Follow a Novel

adaptationMany people will  judge the adaptation according to its “fidelity” to the original source—deeming faithful works as ‘good’ and unfaithful works as ‘bad’. However, what the mass public often does not realize is that it is not fair to judge the quality of an adaptation—in this case, novel to film—by the accuracy of replication since it demands a change of medium that automatically precludes the recreation of an exact replica. Understanding that form defines the work and that the written word and cinema are two radically opposing mediums, this research essay illustrates how fidelity loses validity as a criterion and acknowledges the adaptor’s unique challenge of not only pleasing the fans but also transferring a story from one medium to the next—inevitably altering the original to suit the needs of the form.

The Mass Media as Therapy, Drug, Friend and Foe

    Today, the media has become an integral part of our everyday lives, and one of the most prominent ways that media is commonly being used today is to not just supply us with entertainment and stimulation, but to provide stress-relief. The alluring and fantasy-like worlds presented by the entertainment media stand as much more appealing alternatives, and many resort to the fictitious storylines of movies, television shows, music, games and books in order to divert their attention away from their own troubles. This paper explores how the media provides an escape route for the individual who is unhappy with their current life circumstances. Furthermore, it explores how a person can immerse oneself in a different, preferred world—one that can be specifically chosen by the consumer—and how the mediation replaces direct experience with vicarious experiences, drowning out the worries of reality.

Patriarchy and the Powerlessness of Women in “Singin’ in the Rain”

In a historically patriarchal society, many of Hollywood’s classic movies contain subtle messages of masculine superiority. This paper explores how one of America’s greatest musicals, Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly’s Singin’ in the Rain, presents a gender power struggle that portrays the film’s men as apt and competent while overshadowing and negating the power and freedom of their female counterparts. Through the investigation of specific stylistic choices in narrative, sound and mise-en-scène, this essay demonstrates how Singin’ in the Rain undermines women by reducing them to stereotypes, explicitly subverting their capabilities and authority, and objectifying them through the male gaze.


Personal Essays & Blog Posts

Having been a Character Performer and a Cultural Representative for Canada in Walt Disney World, I created my own personal blog to document all of my adventures. Besides sharing my unique experiences as a Cast Member, my blog serves as a place for me to write out personal essays and blog posts about my lifestyle in an effort to not only promote positivity and pixie dust to others, but to also raise awareness of mental health issues. This intimate side of my writing can be found here.