ORS Communications Manager

As the Communications Manager for the University of Lethbridge’s Organization of Residence Students, I was responsible for the council’s communication mediums through social media, web, television, print and public campaigns to reach out to the entire community of university residents.


With this position, I had to act as the Chairperson of the Communications Committee, holding monthly meetings, delegating tasks amongst committee members and maintaining relations with other University associations including the Student’s Union. Under my supervision, I managed the organization’s official Facebook, Twitter & YouTube accounts, controlled the electronic mailing lists for the entire residence and maintained the residence television channel.

Furthermore, I was in charge of documenting and photographing all of the organization’s events to share in the monthly residence newsletter in which I was responsible for designing, writing, editing, publishing and distributing to the student population. Alongside of this, it was my duty to create all of the campaigns, designing and producing advertisements for web, print and television.

Prized Pixels Publicity Team


As part of an Event & Exhibition class, I was responsible for writing and sending out web & print press releases to the public for The University of Lethbridge’s 2013 Prized Pixels Art Competition.